Malaysia Muay Thai - Boxing Shorts, Thai Boxing Gloves, Fight Equipment, Kickboxing Clothings, Boxing Ankle supports, Handwraps, Head guard, Shin pads.

Wholesale Buyers


Thailand's Best Quality Muay Thai Products Wholesale for Muay Thai gyms, fitness and retaiers.

- Muay Thai Shorts/ Boxing Shorts / MMA Trunks

- Muay Thai Gloves

- Punch Pads, Kick Paos and Mitts

- Heavy Bags

- Muay Thai Equipment and Boxing Gear

- OEM and Custom Muay Thai products

- HIGH QUALITY : Thailand’s Export Quality!

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Starting a new Muay Thai business?

We have custom service with your brand and logo to help starting your business / OEM.

- Introducing your own brand of products to your customer!

- Make your business standout!

- Our beautiful quality will impress and attract more customers!

- Get ready for your upcoming boxing events!



We produce and manufacture all Muay Thai gear with your logo, name, and brand for your business.

Muay Thai Shorts, MMA Trunk and Boxing Trunks at wholesale price!

Boxing Gloves and leather boxing gear in bulk

- Punch pads, Kick pads and Paos for gym, boxing schools and fitnesses.

- Boxing handwrapsAnkles and ALL Muay Thai Equipment and Boxing Gear OEM.

Souvenirs and Boxing Gifts for any occasions with your own logo.

We guarantee all products are BEST THAILAND’S EXPORTING QUALITY!



Any amount that you want to try out! Or even just one!


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They are way more than "JUST" boxing equipment!

You are starting a new business line. These products are a lot meaningful!

They will represent your Muay Thai gym or your brand. Good products are the start for good business in a long run!

“Beautiful Products” are easier to encourage sharing especially in Social Medias these days.


Do not know where to start?

Let us help you setting up a small order for you.

From our years of experience in the field of selling Muay Thai items such as gloves, shorts, and gear, we might be able to guide you with what to get and the amount you want to start with.


Don’t have any design yet?

We have a professional design team that can help you with that. We can help you along the way to finalize the designs of your products before start making them.


Who are our great offer for?

Wholesale Muay Thai Equipment are for

- Muay Thai Gym Boxing Gym and Fitness Studios

- Sports equipment retailers

- Any organizations that looking for boxing equipment in their business activities.

- Photo shootings and Advertisings.

- Importers and Exporters that look for great deal of products and price.


Samples of our work:

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