Malaysia Muay Thai - Boxing Shorts, Thai Boxing Gloves, Fight Equipment, Kickboxing Clothings, Boxing Ankle supports, Handwraps, Head guard, Shin pads.

Value Muay Thai Set for Kids : Red

Value Muay Thai Set for Kids : Red
279 RM
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Value Muay Thai Set for Kids consists of children's boxing gloves, Muay Thai shorts for children, boxing wraps for children and Muay Thai ankles in child size.

Kids Muay Thai Gloves Size: 1 oz (0.6-4 years old), 2 oz (4-7 years old), 4 oz (7-9 years old), 6 oz (9-13 years old)

Children's Muay Thai Shorts Size (your child's waist size): 3S (40-50 cm), XS (54-60 cm)

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