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High quality MMA Cage MMA Ring size 6 x 6 m.

High quality MMA Cage MMA Ring size 6 x 6 m.
38,760 RM 32,300 RM

Perfect for boxing gym that need MMA octagon cage for teaching and training MMA or for UFC.

- Thailand's Export Quality! Made in Thailand product.

- Spare parts are also available.

- You can custom size and color with your logo.

- Standard size 6 m.

***Whether you like the cage style or the ropes style, we can customized it for you!

We export high quality MMA cage for minimal maintainace in a long run.

Ideal product for boxing gym, MMA gym, MMA clase or fitness center that teach MMA.

Knockdown parts. Easy assemble and reassemble.

High quality PU leather. A lot more durable than PVC.

The price include the logo and customization except printing logo on floor canvas. Please send us your logo via email for quotation.

Note : Price listed is shipping fee from THAILAND excluded.

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